Will I Lose Hair after Bariatric Surgery
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Will I lose hair after Bariatric Surgery? Is probably the most frequent question I get at the bariatric consultation. The honest and straight answer is Yes, some hair loss is common between 2 and 6 months following surgery. Hair loss is always temporary and it is mostly likely caused by rapid weight-loss. With time, patience and keeping up good nutritional intake, your hair will grow back.
Adequate intake of protein, biotin, vitamins and minerals like Iron and Zinc will help to ensure hair re-growth, and avoid longer term thinning.

Hair loss rarely lasts for more than six months in the absence of a dietary cause. Discrete nutritional deficiencies are known to cause and contribute to difficult hair regrowth.

Next situations could be suspicious of a nutritional contribution:

  • Hair loss continued more than one year after surgery.
  • Hair loss started more than six months after surgery.
  • Patient has had difficulty eating and/or has not complied with supplementation.
  • Patient has demonstrated low values of ferritin, zinc or protein.
  • Patient has had more rapid than expected weight-loss.

Tips to avoid Hair Loss after Bariatric Sugery.

There is no method to stop hair loss during the first six months after bariatric surgery, there are supplements like MNB Bariatric Care with biotin and zinc that help thicken or strengthen hair.

  • Protein. Proteins are the core of all cells, including the cells that make up your hair. Failing to meet our recommendation of 60g/day per day often results in thinning hair as well as less satiety.
  • Vitamins. Vitamins are essential for avoiding nutrient deficiencies and provide the B-vitamins needed to keep your hair healthy and thick.
  • Iron. Iron is the micronutrient most commonly related to hair loss. Ferritin levels are indicative of iron storage in the body and low ferritin levels are commonly associated with hair loss.  Make sure your iron levels are normal.
  • Zinc. If hair loss is still a problem six months after your surgery, you should consult with your bariatric dietitian about Zinc.

Other nutrients associated with hair health include vitamin A, folate, B-6 and essential fatty acids. Hair loss can also be caused by systemic diseases, including thyroid disease and polycystic ovarian syndrome (PCOS), and is influenced by genetics.

Remember that Bariatric Surgery  is just the starting point in your journey to a new a healthier version of yourself. Taking good care of your New Body requires great discipline. We invite you to join My New Body Obesity Center Support Group. To get and share tips on how to avoid Hair Loss after bariatric surgery.

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