Weight Loss Surgery: A New Year’s Resolution
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Losing weight is never easy and it takes much more than diet and exercise alone. The truth is that our bodies are genetically designed to gain weight, not to loose it. Losing weight is not something that depends exclusively on willpower, there are several factors that predispose us to fail at losing weight. Obviously there are some people who are able to achieve significant weight loss by dieting and exercising alone, but the second truth is that the majority of use will fail. For people who fall under the second category the adequate choice is: Weight Loss Surgery. Joining a gym and going on a six-week diet may work for people who are simply overweight. But when an obese person has reached a certain size, they are often unable of losing enough pounds through dieting alone, and sudden exercise could present a health risk. In such cases, weight loss surgery can be the best option. Weight Loss Surgery is something that should not be decided impulsively. Considering it (Weight Loss Surgery) as a New Year Resolution can be the perfect way to approach it.

Choose Wisely

The First step is deciding to have surgery. With the counsel of a qualified bariatric specialist, you have to choose what kind of bariatric surgery is the right option for you. Understanding the different options can help you get a grasp of what life after Weight Loss Surgery is like. In choosing to have weight loss surgery, you are resolving to do things differently. Although the procedure will help you shed pounds very quickly, you need to follow dietary guidelines and get regular physical activity. You are resolving to change the way you live. Weight Loss Surgery does not work magically and is not a cosmetic procedure. Weight Loss Surgery should not be regarded as a quick fix for obesity, weight loss surgery is a tool that helps you change the way you live and makes it easier to obtain healthier habits.

Choosing the Right Surgeon.

Undergoing Weight Loss Surgery is a decision that can not be taken slightly or impulsively. For most people requires a personal and financial commitment that should be well weighted. Our recommendation is to join a support group to seek advise from people who have already undergone Weight Loss Surgery. Learn from their experience and fully understand the importance of having the right support. When choosing your bariatric surgeon it is of the utmost importance to select one with the expertise and certifications required to perform bariatric surgery. Also, with the right bariatric program with an aftercare nutritional and psychological support. My New Body Obesity Center offers a comprehensive medical tourism program, for those patients who are travelling from abroad.

Life after Weight Loss Surgery

First, Bariatric patients are encouraged to get moderately active right after their procedure, even if they can only manage a few steps around their house. Within a few months, patients generally lose enough weight that more intensive exercise, like dancing, running or swimming, becomes a safer alternative.

Regarding the dietary changes, patients make a gradual transition from liquids to soft foods for the first several weeks after their procedure, before switching over to small portions of regular food. Amazingly, these changes often come easier, in light of the fact that the surgery limits the amount of food that a patient can comfortably take. To put it plainly, your stomach gets full quicker, so you end up eating less. Together, regular physical activity and a healthy diet  provide the foundation for a successful and healthy weight loss.

A Lifelong Resolution
Weight Loss Surgery: A New Year’s ResolutionLike any other New Year’s Resolutions, the commitment to make healthier choices after having weight loss surgery can be broken. Some patients who have had a Gastric bypass or Gastric Sleeve procedure actually regain all or some of their excess weight over time, because they failed to maintain a lifelong commitment to new eating and exercise habits.

Weight loss surgery is only a tool. By joining a support group, planning meals carefully, and scheduling time to exercise, patients can dramatically increase their odds of maintaining a healthy body weight, avoiding medical complications, and living a longer and healthier life.

If you are considering Weight Loss Surgery as one of your New Year’s Resolution, contact My New Body Obesity Center for a FREE consultation at 1 833 463 9263

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