Tijuana is the Best Place for Weight Loss Surgery
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Affordable. Affordable is not the same as cheap. The cost of living in Mexico contrasts with the costs of our Californian neighbors, but the quality of life and primarily the access to medical technology is as easy as in the United States. Also, Tijuana is the place to be right now for Bariatric Surgeons. There are several Bariatric Surgery Groups operating from Tijuana, having so many Hospitals, Clinics and Doctors makes the availability (hence the price) of surgical instruments to be more accessible.

Experience. The main reason why so many bariatric surgeons have establish their medical practice in Tijuana is the number of bariatric surgery patients that visit our city on daily basis. Bariatric surgeons operating in Tijuana gather an unsurpassed amount experience unmatched by any other part in the world.

Bedside Manner. Culturally, the Bedside Manner offered by Mexican doctors in General is superb. In here, you get to know the doctors and all of the medical staff personally. And more important, we get to know you. In here you cease to be a file number and are always treated respectfully and in a trustworthy environment.

Geographical Location. Tijuana has successfully capitalized on its proximity to the U.S. border by becoming a top medical travel destination. San Diego Airport is just a 20-minute drive away from My New Body Obesity Center Facilities. And our transportation staff make use of the special medical lane to an easy and quick border crossing experience.

Availability. Even though thousands of bariatric patients come to Tijuana every day to undergo weight loss surgery, Weight Loss Surgery Centers as our selves do not have long waiting lists. On average, you can schedule your surgery with us with as low as two weeks in advance. Avoiding long waiting lists.

Safety. Did you know Tijuana has less crime than many American cities such as Chicago, Oakland, Miami, Las Vegas, and Detroit? In here you’ll be just as safe as in the U.S. Unfortunately Mainstream media has historically portrayed Tijuana as a dangerous place but this couldn’t farther from the truth. Actually, but according to US State Department figures, there are more than 1 million US expats in Mexico, more than any other country in the world. Data from the Mexican government shows that the Tijuana metropolitan area has 88,000 US citizens over the age of 50

Multicultural. Due to it’s proximity with the United States Tijuana has always garnered United States Culture. Tijuana is not only bilingual, Tijuana is Bicultural. Our people is not only able to communicate in English, we also understand culturally our visitors from Canada and US. Tijuana Is the most visited border city in the world; we share a 15 mile border with our sister city San Diego. It is estimated that more than 50 million people cross this border every year. And the cultural result is we have the cultural tools to make north American visitors feel at home.


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