MNB Bariatric Solutions
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My New Body Obesity Center, has announced the launch of MNB Bariatric Solutions, a great-tasting, easy-to-take line of supplement, specifically designed for post and pre weight loss surgery patients, has all the requirements to provide the nutritional support needed by bariatric patients. A scientifically balanced formula for maximum efficiency.


This  supplement that is easy to take allows bariatric patients to get key vitamins and minerals that are so important to ensure long term success after weight loss surgery.


    • Complete mixture of esential vitamin and minerals.
    • Contains minerals that help maintain sugar levels in the blood.
    • Helps you build strenght.
    • Prevents the disminution of muscle mass during weight loss.
    • Significantly reduces hair loss.


  • Being encapsulated, allows the formula to be added to any kind of liquid or soft food. Particurally useful during liquid diet.
  • The natural formul of vitamins E and D3 for better absorption.

Whey Protein

Isolated and concentrated whey protein, developed with a special formula for patients with bariatric surgery that will allow them to obtain the desired results gaining strength and avoiding the decrease of muscle mass during the weight loss stage.


  • Promotes muscle definition and toning.
  • Protects Mass Muscle, to avoid decreasing and weakness.
  • Promotes muscle metabolism and helps tissue repairment.
  • For its low percentage of sugar, carbohydrates and fiber is specially helpful for bariatric patients.


  • Supplement with the highest amount of protein and minimun of carbohydrates, favouring weight loss.
  • Its designed to meet the needs of bariatric patients with more than 20 important vitamins and minerals.
  • Different and Delicious Flavors


Symptoms of Biotin deficiency in reported postbariatric patients include seizures, hypotonia, ataxia (impaired coordination), hair loss, and dermatitis.

Supplementation indications suggest between 10,000 mcg / day and 20,000 mcg / day of daily oral biotin to correct the deficiency.

MNB Bariatric Solutions offers biotin of 10,000 mcg to meet the necessary supplementation.

To learn more about MNB Care Bariatric Solutions and it’s full line of postbariatric supplements, Follow MNB Bariatric Care Solutions

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