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  • March 11, 2020
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We are very pleased to announce that we have accomplished a new agreement with Lincoln Surgical Center, the luxurious brand new center that recently opened to the general Public. This agreement allows us to perform our wide range of Bariatric Surgical Treatments in these state-of-the-art facilities in the comfortable and stress free environment provided by Lincoln Surgical modern and in-touch with nature infrastructure. Meaning that we are now offering a wider and more flexible services to our patients from all over the world.

This new agreement does not interfere nor cancel our previous agreement with other hospitals. The purpose of widening our Hospital alternatives is that now we have more flexibility in scheduling, pricing and overall availability.

Lincoln Surgical Center provides patients and doctors comfort and ease, and the commitment shown by their team to medical tourists sets them apart, not only with the modern and clean facilities, but the bedside manner provided by their staff is also unsurpassable”  stated Monica Valencia, MD – My New Body Obesity Bariatric Surgeon.

With this new agreement we can proudly say that we are among the few bariatric surgery groups in Mexico that  perform surgical procedures only at facilities that match the technology offered in the United States. When added to the skill, reputation and certifications of our team of Bariatric Surgeons My New Body is by far the best option for Weight Loss Surgery in Tijuana.

About Lincoln Surgical Center

Lincoln Surgical Center is a brand new surgical center located at the heart of Zona Rio, the financial and medical district of Tijuana, the Bariatric Surgery Capital of the World. Lincoln Surgical Center has been designed and developed with the safety of the patients in mind, and the cultural aspect required to cater to medical tourists.

Phone:+52 (664)


Address: Ave. Diego Rivera 2351 -104, Zona Río, Tijuana



Instagram: @lincolnsurgical

About My New Body Center

My New Body Obesity Center is a multidisciplinary team of Bariatric Specialists where you will find a judgment-free and relaxed environment. Our mission is to provide effective, affordable and first world surgical weight loss options to patients from all over the world.


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